Types and Characteristics of Softwood

Softwood is a lumber which is used for so many different purposes from building furniture to roofing and even building. There are various types, but interestingly this wood comes from coniferous trees, which are tress which don't lose their leaves.

The advantage to these trees is that they grow very tall and straight, making them the ideal choice for cutting lengths of wood needed for various applications. Even better, this type of wood grows fast, making it an affordable option whether you're about to build a new home or you're looking to make new cabinets for your kitchen.

Pine is probably one of the best known types of softwood and is used for various purposes from shelving through to building. Cedar is another popular choice, often used for furniture and siding, while redwood is used for cupboards, shelving and roofing. There are other options, but these are the three most people are able to identify with.

The main characteristic of softwood is that it is so easy to work with. It is easy to drill, plane and shape, which makes it such a popular choice in both the building industry and carpentry.

Another advantage to this is that it is much more affordable than hardwood and light in both color and weight. If you are looking for different types and characteristics of softwood, you'll be delighted to know there are a wider variety than you would find when looking at hardwood.

There are some factors to take into consideration though, the most important being why you want to purchase wood. What are you going to use it for? If you are looking for a natural wood floor, then choose hardwood. But if you're looking to build a home, make a piece of furniture or need siding, then softwood is the better option.

Because this wood is softer, it is a pleasure to work with and is used widely throughout the world. Though there is one important consideration, you need to understand the grades, moisture content and options available to ensure you are purchasing the right product for your particular project.

Only buy from a reputable supplier that is known for their experience and knowledge in the industry. This is so important because you need to know that the product you are buying is what you will get. When building a home and choose grade A softwood, you need to know the correct grade will arrive on your door, reducing any unnecessary delays in the building process.

The best way to ensure this is to do some research on where the wood comes from and who the supplier is. Some companies will import the wood from Canada using a reputable company that is reliable and trustworthy.

Ensure when the product arrives on your doorstep that you check the grading stamp against the paperwork to ensure the product received is the product ordered. Price will depend on the grade you choose with grade A being the more expensive option.

Because this type of wood is so widely available, grading is imperative to determine strength and durability of the wood. This type of wood isn't as durable as hardwood when used in high traffic areas, such as a floor. You wouldn't use it for flooring, it's much better suited for cabinetry and building. Hardwood on the other hand isn't ideal to use for building because it's not as easy to work with, which can cause costly delays in the building process.

Take the time to learn the different grading, types and characteristics of softwood before making any final decisions to ensure the wood you buy is the best choice for your specific project.

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