Think Tank Brain Storming – Case Study

Recently, our Online Think Tank did a little brain-storming on a new innovative product, which had just hit the market. The device was a special cooling unit that one could wear over their heads like a hat, combination face guard. It looked like something you might see in a wrestling match only it was attached … להמשך קריאה

The Difference Between Consultant MEP Models and Contractor MEP Models

The life blood of any construction or engineering project, MEP (M&E) building services are essential components of comfort for those who will ultimately occupy the constructed spaces. Flawless MEP services require detailed and efficient MEP design for design decision-making, accurate documentation, performance and cost-estimation, construction planning, management and operation of the construction project. MEP models, … להמשך קריאה

Swastikas in the Roman Catacombs

Although the cross is one of the most universally recognized symbols of Christianity, other symbols were widely used in the early years. In times of fierce persecution, as under the Roman Emperors Decius and Diocletian, symbols needed to be more allusive. What might seem to be a Swastika on first inspection here in fact turns … להמשך קריאה

The Boeing 777

Commercial aircraft are the result of the airline requirements which shape them, attempting to fulfill, as completely and cost-effectively as possible, the particular combination of mission goals. For airliner-type aircraft, these include two primary parameters: payload, comprised of passengers, baggage, cargo, and mail, and range, which enables a carrier to offer nonstop service between specific … להמשך קריאה

Polyurethanes History

The pioneering work on polyurethane polymers was conducted by Otto Bayer and his coworkers in 1937 at the laboratories of I.G. Farben in Leverkusen, Germany. They recognized that using the polyaddition principle to produce polyurethanes from liquid diisocyanates and liquid polyether or polyester diols seemed to point to special opportunities, especially when compared to already … להמשך קריאה

Top 10 Places to Visit in India

India is said to be the incredible India for offering endless attractions and activities. It is the world's seventh-largest country stretching from the Himalayas to Kanyakumari. If you go to visit India, you are sure to explore many unforgettable travel destinations. India's beauty, culture, tradition, history, and legacy will definitely touch you. In this article, … להמשך קריאה

Types and Characteristics of Softwood

Softwood is a lumber which is used for so many different purposes from building furniture to roofing and even building. There are various types, but interestingly this wood comes from coniferous trees, which are tress which don't lose their leaves. The advantage to these trees is that they grow very tall and straight, making them … להמשך קריאה

Sacrifice and Compromise in Marriage and Other Relationships

In any mutually agreed upon relationship, do the members lose individuality and freedom because of the necessity to compromise and sacrifice some aspect of themselves for the sake of the survival of the new relationship? Committing one's self to another partner requires that the lifestyles of each must be able to blend in such a … להמשך קריאה

5 Reasons to Get Up and Skateboard When It's Cold

When it's freezing cold outside, finding the motivation to go outside and practice your skateboarding skills can seem like a near impossible task. It can be hard to resist the temptation of just slouching back on a comfy sofa, with a hot mug of coffee and hibernating until spring time arrives. It's a problem that … להמשך קריאה