RSG5DURS Samsung American Fridge Freezer – For a Kitchen With Flair

An American style fridge freezer, otherwise known as a side by side, is going to cost you at least twice as much as a conventional fridge freezer. In this article I will show you, that with the RSG5DURS Samsung American fridge freezer you will be getting the best value for your money.

This value is manifested in 3 main areas: design, features and looks.


Samsung is a global leader in designing home appliances, and they have certainly not let us down with this model. I will just mention 3 innovations here. All 3 aim to maximize the space available for your food.

  1. The Ultrathin Technology minimizes the insulating material needed for the doors of the fridge/freezer, thus allowing an extra 100 liters of storage.
  2. The water and ice dispenser are located in the door of the freezer, freeing up space in the interior of the freezer.
  3. The LED Light Tower is built into the back of the unit, which once again allows more space in the body of your fridge/freezer.


  1. It has a huge overall capacity of 637 liters. To put this in proportion, the fridge alone is much larger than a standard fridge/freezer.
  2. The water and ice dispenser allows a tall glass to be positioned beneath it.
  3. It has an A rating for energy efficiency, which is really important when running such a big unit.


The stainless steel RSG5DURS Samsung American fridge freezer will certainly make a great center piece for your kitchen and give it the flair you are looking for!

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