Is United Kingdom Outdoor Digital Advertising Equalling The American Marketplace?

Digital marketing out-of-doors is immense and no more so than in the USA, now is England catching up the other market?

It is said that the DOOH in the United Kingdom is rising and fast, but will it equal the American market, this we will have to see.

It has been said that in the past 3 months to July revenue from electronic marketing has improved some 16.9% making up for the loss in the year before. The resulting rise identifies the digital outdoor signage market worth roughly £29 million.

So does this represent that digital out of home advertising is out of the decline? Well speaking to numerous installers they do not look to have been concerned by the economic down turn.

One thing is for in no doubt, the outdoor unique marketing market will grow in the United Kingdom on the build up to the Olympics in London then it will take a down ward turn, due to the quantity of impending purchaser through the worldwide media coverage of this world renowned athletics event, where all the worlds' top athletes trial for the supreme in sporting accolades.

After the sporting occasion who knows? As many organisations are before now planning their outdoor marketing ads now for the future 4 years and getting funding on it.

We all know that the petite isle will in no way rival the might of digital signage in America due to the physical size of the nation; the inhabitants in the UK is equal to the coupled population of only two American States, Texas and California.

But overseas establishments will have to hang around in anticipation for the Olympics in 2012 to make sure the mammoth effort in digital marketing is lucrative and worth the cost.

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